3 Facebook Ads Case Studies to Inspire Small Businesses & Credit Unions 


Are you a small business or credit union? Looking to advertise but not sure what goes into launching a successful online campaign? Have no fear! We’re sharing our top 3 Facebook ads case studies to educate and inspire!

Facebook Ads Case Studies: Just How Do We Approach New Campaigns?

With each new Facebook ad campaign comes a new strategy and thoughtfully designed creative elements. Before beginning a campaign, we have a discovery meeting with the client to better understand their goals. From there, we prepare custom audiences and media that align with those goals. 

But it doesn’t end there. For a more detailed look into an individual campaign, check out our 3 Facebook ads case studies below!

1. Flash Sale for a Credit Union

Just 7 days after the flash sale began, CFCU saw 39 auto loans close (plus 45 in-process) for a total dollar amount of $1,071,929.21! They ended up closing $1,748,000 in total auto loans! Read the full story!

2. Increasing Overall Sales for Mat Company

In the first 90 days of this Facebook campaign, we generated $37,816.85 in sales and only spent $3,059.57 on ads! This gave the client a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of $34,757.28. Since their average customer spends $500 during their lifetime, this works out to be an Estimated Lifetime Value of $79,000 in just 90 days! Continue reading here!

3. Balance Transfer Campaign for Credit Union

The campaign’s overall goal was $1M in transfers by the end of the campaign, which ran from September 1- October 31. Additionally, we had a goal conversion cost of $60 and a goal of 50 conversions total/month. See our whole approach to this campaign!

Want to know even more about what goes into a Facebook ads campaign? Reach out to us below with any questions!