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Community Involvement

From Credit Unions to non-profit organizations, our partner roster is filled with forward-thinking business owners, leaders, and creative collaborators.

Who We Work With

As an ad agency that partners with companies in the USA and beyond, we engage with a variety of changemakers and forward-thinkers. Creative types that aren’t satisfied with staying still, always pushing their industry forward.

Our Partners — Bettering Their Communities

Cambio Labs is a non-profit that brings Social Entrepreneurship Programs to underserved youth and adults. Through their courses, participants learn how to launch their own companies and engage in entrepreneurial coaching from industry professionals. They are exposed to internship and job opportunities from partner organizations in the fields of tech, sustainability, design, and innovation.

What They Offer

During their Social Entrepreneurship Incubator, teen entrepreneurs will work with co-founders to ideate, pitch, prototype, and launch their own organizations driven by social and environmental missions.

Additionally, their team has developed a virtual learning platform called Journey – a platform that contains content, gamification features, and tools for teachers and students to run their entrepreneurship programs.

Cambio also offers corporate partnership programs that include internship and mentorship opportunities.

A Lasting Impact…

To date, they have served 137 BIPOC students from the Bronx to San Francisco. They are currently running a second program with Comp Sci High, a school in the Bronx that is dedicated to launching tech careers with a focus on computer science and entrepreneurship. In 2023, they are spearheading an initiative to bring entrepreneurship and green workforce development to NYCHA developments and would love to connect locally in Queens.

Read more about Cambio Labs. Donate to transform the Cambio youth and community!

Why PLAY Creative?

With over 16 years of experience, our team of marketing experts and lead generation ad management experts are dedicated to result-based marketing. We value a high level of communication to reach your goals and desired results.

A Step Above

Our team is not only focused on marketing, optimizing your website, ad strategy, and ad management but on maintaining your brand. Our team will make your business good on paper through marketing results AND through quality messaging, and eye-catching graphics.

What Our Clients Are Saying: 

“I have worked with PLAY Creative for almost 3 years and they are a wonderful company to work with as they take your ideas and budgets to heart. Great at working with you with tight timelines but especially if the budget is tight they work with it and still produce fantastic results. They understand that small businesses just can’t afford as much as the big dogs but never give you the impression that you are too small. Great company!”

Kendra Fleckner, TLCU Financial

Client Success–Case Studies

We know how to create advertising that gets results—let us show you! This is the story part of our clients’ success stories.