A Dedicated Team

That’s Who We Are

We value a high level of communication and collaboration from both an internal team perspective but also from a client team perspective to produce results.
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Aaron Petersen

Aaron Petersen


History and Who We Are

Founded in 2007, PLAY Creative was born from the idea of making marketing fun, thus the name “PLAY.” Our mission creates an environment where our clients and staff love working together. We keep communication and collaboration high to reach shared goals. That’s what “making marketing fun” means to us and what we strive to live by daily.

Through the years, PLAY Creative has evolved alongside various marketing trends. It’s crazy to think how quickly things change, but flip phones and Myspace still existed when PLAY was founded! The medium and media have shifted over the years, but our creative drive and focus on results have remained. We view different media types as vehicles to deliver a specific message to our client’s target audiences.

PLAY has managed traditional media types of all kinds, including print productions, radio, TV commercial productions, direct mail campaigns, and full-service marketing campaigns that include 15 different media types for 1 job.

Communication, collaboration, honest service, and a deep love for what we do –That’s how we “Make Marketing Fun.”
That’s PLAY Creative. (:

Our Team

We are a team of thinkers and strategists who value a concrete plan. Therefore, we follow a process to keep ourselves organized and the client up to speed on timelines.

When it comes to tactics, we brainstorm, put ideas to paper and then refine our ideas until they mold into a solid strategy. We resource various talents besides our in-house team, including ad strategists, web developers, designers, animators, photographers, and videographers. With over 15 years in the industry, we can tackle any marketing problem that comes our way.

Our Clients

The client accounts we currently manage range from 1-5 employees to 250+. We have the pleasure of working directly with business owners and marketing directors in larger marketing departments. As we’ve adapted to the times, so have our clients, and we’re proud to work together to generate the best possible results.

Our Focus

While we work with various media types, roughly 90% of our clients advertise exclusively through online paid ads. Therefore, online is where we see the best potential to advertise in terms of brand awareness, lead generation, and emerging eCommerce markets.


We help business owners and marketing directors speak to key audiences, generate leads, convert those leads, and retain customers through a series of proven marketing strategies, including meaningful ad creation.

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