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Our referral program is set up to turn your contacts into paying customers. Our team of marketing experts is here to align with you to deliver quality digital campaigns.

How Our Program Works – 5 Easy Steps

1When you have a partner referral in mind, give us a shout!

2Our team will reach out to your proposed partner and learn more about them

3The contact loves our proposal and signs an agreement

4Our team builds the campaign and launches it

5You get paid!

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Let’s Get Into Specifics

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Our Ideal Partners

Our ideal is a company with established marketing budgets. Job titles that we work with can vary. But we mainly work with business owners of small companies up through marketing directors leading fully developed marketing departments.

Services We Offer

We have a diverse array of digital and traditional services that we offer. Our services serve any company looking to build brand awareness and generate leads. A complete list can be seen on our website.

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Industries of Focus

With 16+ years of service, we have the most experience working with financial institutions, medical institutions, IT, retirement homes, and general contractors. However, we do serve a variety of other business types, and our services generally cater to various industries.

Our Process

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We first get to know your contact’s marketing goals and budget and learn about their business as a whole. This allows us to tailor a marketing strategy to their goals best.


Once a budget is approved and services are agreed upon, our team builds a detailed marketing plan to fit the needs of your contact.

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With the partner-approved media plan, we then proceed to build out all of the key messaging and design to match our target audience based on the plan. Once partner-approved, the campaign goes live.


After the campaign launch, our team will follow up with our new partner if the collaboration is for a one-time project. For ongoing digital campaigns, we will continue to monitor and send reports to them on a monthly basis.

Get Started! >> Send Us a Contact

 Simply fill out the form below, and one of our sales team will receive your information. We will follow up within 24 hours, gather more information about your contact and your goals, and answer any questions that you have about this program.

Referral Partner Agreement Download

Download our Referral Partner Agreement to understand the finer details about this program. Also included in this doc is how you get paid. Just click on the button to the right to get your copy! Have questions? Contact james@playcreativedesign.com.  

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