Facebook Ad Campaign – CFCU Auto Loan & Refi Sale


See How Our Facebook Ad Campaign Generated $1,748,000 in Loan Volume in Just 4 Days!

Executive Summary: 

Creighton Federal wanted to run a promotion in order to celebrate the opening of their new Northwest branch. It was decided that during the sale, members could receive 1.99% APR on auto loans and non-CFCU refinancing. We created a “flash sale” that would run for just 4 days, with ads promoting the sale on Facebook. The promotion also included: 

  • fast approval times
  • no origination, application, or closing fees
  • no payments for 60 days
  •  and extended warranties for new and used vehicles at 20% to 50% less.

In addition to the 4-day flash sale, we also ran pre-sale ads on Facebook and sent out reminder emails to members before the sale and on the day that the sale began. 

Just 7 days after the flash sale began, CFCU saw 39 auto loans close (plus 45 in-process) for a total dollar amount of $1,071,929.21! They ended up closing $1,748,000 in total auto loans! Learn more about our Facebook services!

Facebook Ad


Target Audiences:

We created 4 unique target audiences that included a mix of existing members and completely new prospects. By strategically controlling the flow of traffic, we were able to generate 90 hot auto loan leads from these audiences.


  • 4 Days Only! 
  • 4-Day Grand Opening Flash Sale
  • Auto loans to celebrate an opening! 
  • Celebrate with low rates! 
  • Rates as low as (insert low rate here)
  • Auto loans have never been easier!  
  • Bringing you auto-matic joy!
    • 4-Day Grand Opening Flash Sale
  • Grand openings call for celebration
  • Mention any other perks of applying for/refinancing an auto loan through CFCU (loan-approval time, fees, loan payment schedule, etc.)

Facebook Marketing: 

  • Pre-Sale
    • 4 Facebook ads
      • 3 Prospecting
      • 1 Retarget
  • Days of Sale
    • 3 Facebook ads
      • All prospecting

Email Marketing:

3 email templates were created in total

  • Email 1
    • An email template was designed to have members sign up for a reminder the day the sale begins. 
  • Email 2
    • An email template was designed to have non-members sign up for a reminder the day the sale begins. 
  • Email 3
    • A third email template was designed to alert members that the sale

Email – Days of Sale


Campaign Results:

As of 03/30/21, CFCU has closed 39 auto loans and has an additional 45 loans in processing. This is estimated to bring over 2 million dollars in new loans to CFCU.

We recorded 90 reminder sign-ups previous to the sale and 57 “Apply Now” auto loan clicks during the days of the sale.

 CFCU was thrilled with the results of this campaign, and so were we! Reach out to us below to get a full view of our reporting methods!

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