PPC Agency Tips: Marketing on Facebook & Instagram


Our marketing agency in Lincoln, NE explores the benefits of Facebook & Instagram Ads

What’s Facebook Marketing?


Advertising on Facebook begins by creating a page on Facebook.! Once your business exists on Facebook, then you’re ready to work with a PPC agency to create a campaign and, eventually, campaign goals. This means figuring out audiences, the number of ads you’d like to run, and the overall objective of the campaign. 

When a new campaign is decided upon, then an account is created in Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook Ads Manager is an invaluable tool for our Lincoln advertising agency, as it allows us to create, edit, publish, and manage all of your advertisements in one place. 

The number of ads that we create and launch depends on the scale of the campaign. We typically recommend running a minimum of three ads to “prospecting” audiences and one ad to a “retargeting” audience. Prospecting audiences are potential customers who are likely to convert on the ad, whereas retargeting audiences are those who didn’t convert on an ad but might have shown interest. 

Rental Blog writes, “The customizability of Facebook Ads make it easier to try out different ad formats and placements. This allows you to find out the most effective combinations that resonate with your target audience…it is definitely worth the effort.” 

For a deeper look into how we tackle a new Facebook advertising campaign, check out our case studies!

What’s Instagram Marketing?

Instagram has boomed over the last few years, and because of that rise, eCommerce has grown on the platform. Scrolling through an Instagram feed has become second nature for a large number of people. Each feed is tailored to the individual account. This means that any advertisement that pops up on a feed is likely to be seen by the right audience. We can’t tell you the number of companies we have discovered just by looking at the recommended accounts on our own Instagram. 

Best of all, our Facebook ads agency can create Instagram ads directly through the Facebook Ads Manager mentioned above! Going through the Facebook channels makes setup and ad creation that much easier. For example, we can create specific Instagram ad sets with dedicated audiences. Or we can choose which placements to use when launching an ad. Placements are things like Facebook feeds, Instagram Stories, and Instagram feeds! Additionally, we can efficiently allocate your chosen budgets between Facebook and Instagram ads. 

As WordStream writes, “81% of Instagram users also use the platform to research products and services. In addition, now that Instagram recently made shopping more prominent on the platform, 130 million users tap on shopping posts every month.”

You can’t argue with those numbers. That’s why we recommend using Instagram ads alongside Facebook ads!

Ready to begin your own online marketing campaign? Have questions about your current efforts? Contact us below to get started advertising on Facebook and Instagram!