Who We Are

Miranda Huston



Miranda chose a career in writing because she loves books and is dreadful at STEM. She received a BAFA from the University of Nebraska-Omaha and an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. She is an anglophile to her core – complete with an antique teacup collection bearing images of British royals (it’s getting out of hand, really). In addition to her obsession with Great Britain, she has a weakness for Thai food, documentaries about WWII, and Tom Petty.

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Job Role
  • Content development

  • Campaign conception and plan development

  • Content and conceptual proofing

  • Online Ad Management

  • SEO

Points of Interest
  • Loves any musical starring Judy Garland

  • Eats almond butter straight from the jar

  • Owns an elderly golden retriever named Sophie

  • Reads more Jane Austen than is probably healthy

  • Has an irrational fear of birds (and let’s be honest…fish)

  • Keeps a cross-stitch likeness of Li’l Sebastian on her wall