A Creative Design Agencies’ Approach SEO

How to make the most of search engine optimization according to a creative design agency in Lincoln, NE.

1. SEO Starts With Research

When approaching a brand new campaign for a client, we begin by researching the potential audience for that campaign. From that information, we can see what keywords or key phrases those in a specific area or demographic are searching for. For example, on Google ads, we are able to localize keywords and only compile a list of popular keywords within a targeted part of the US. So if the target audience is people within a 50-mile radius of Lincoln, NE, then we can specify that radius in Google ads and find the best possible keywords for those we want to reach. 

HubSpot even recommends that PPC agencies consider that when it comes to a companies’ site “ it’s more important that your (a companies’) web page addresses the problem a searcher intended to solve than simply carries the keyword the searcher used.”

Research can come from places like Google ads but also Google itself, Bing, and a competitor’s web page. Doing a quick search of “dogs” on Google will warrant a ton of results with potentially useful keywords, but in order to get more narrow,  you can scroll to the bottom of the page and look through the “Searches related to Dogs” section. This section will have specific search terms related to the one you typed in. 


2. Using Keywords in Copy

When we have a list of fully-established keywords in Google ads, we also like to make a document where we can quickly reference the keywords and the frequency with which people search for them. This document is invaluable once our copywriter begins content development for ads, blogs, and other media requested by a client. Using those keywords during the development phase of a creative process is a surefire way to get that media more attention after launching. Check out the blog post we created for InsideOut Renovations and pay close attention to our use of the keyword, “kitchen remodel.”

3. Optimized Pages for Better Results 

Another aspect of great SEO is how you set up a landing page. When we are editing a blog post or new page on WordPress we make sure that our titles, descriptions, and blog/page content is rich with keywords, especially if that page is linked to an advertisement that features similar, if not the same, keywords. In terms of a business website, it is crucial to include words relating to a product or service within a relevant landing page. In fact, a marketing consultant at Ahrefs says that “even targeting the most profitable keywords with the “best” content won’t help you if your pages are not optimized for search engines.”

Once that is done, those same keywords can help get your website noticed when transferred to Google my Business. The more visible your site, the more clicks you are bound to get from interested consumers. For a deeper look into using GMB and Google ads read through our blog here

Interested in speaking to a PPC agency about even more SEO tips?