A Lincoln Marketing Agency Lists Benefits of Writing Blogs for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO best practices have you stumped? Here are 3 reasons why blog articles can increase your online presence.

1. Inbound and Outbound Links

As a marketing agency, we believe one of the best ways to create more interaction on your website is by including internal links in a blog post. Internal links are links that lead back to a page attached to your site. Be cognizant of which pages you are using, and make sure they are pages that line up with your SEO goal. For instance, if you are trying to rank for “SEO,” you will want to choose another SEO-related page as an inbound link that will further solidify your point and bring additional, relevant value to your reader. By doing this, you will help both pages rank for SEO. We recommend linking back to 2-5 of your older blog posts that are already on your site (pages that you want to be ranked higher). 

Another type of inbound link you should use is a call to action, like “Contact Us” at the end of a post to prompt your readers to click the button and lead them to your contact page. 

Additionally, outbound links are great for SEO purposes and help connect your reader to the material you have sourced in an article. HubSpot writes, “linking to other pages or blog posts on your website helps search engines crawl your website and create a more accurate sitemap. It also helps your audience discover more of your content and get to know you as a trustworthy, credible source of information.” Much like citing your sources in a school essay, using outbound links gives credit to the source and provides similar content for customers and clients to explore. 

Hot Tip: Make sure that you choose the “open link in new tab” option whenever you use an inbound or outbound link in your blog. This forces the link to open in a new tab rather than redirecting away from your page. The longer a reader stays engaged on your site, the better! 

2. Better Visibility and Engagement

Blog posts are a great way to keep your social media platforms up-to-date. 

You don’t need to have a complicated social media strategy to engage your customers. From our experience while managing our marketing agency’s social media, simply posting on social media platforms regularly will help alert your customers about updates, sales, and upcoming events. Additionally, since many consumers will explore your social media platforms before contacting you, cross-posting your blog articles will also help build credibility for your company when people visit your social media pages and see relevant, useful information.

Blog posts are a fantastic addition to weekly or monthly social media posts. Copify Blog even says that “while social media is an effective tool to respond to client comments and queries, blogging is a much more conversational medium and, when used correctly, can be much more engaging.” Not only can you write in-depth about certain topics, but you can also post links to your blogs on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. This creates more visibility and shows customers that you are actively checking trends in your industry and truly value, bringing them the most up-to-date information available online.

Take a look at our post about LinkedIn and how we discuss online advertising opportunities within companies.

Linkedin_ppc agency

Lincoln Marketing Agency on LinkedIn

3. Quick Guide to Your Services

Writing blog posts can also be a space where you can give larger descriptions and examples of the services you offer. While an “Our Services” page is necessary, they usually provide a quick snapshot of what you do and how you do it. Blog posts can give real-life examples of your work or show a case study that breaks down the success of a particular service your company provides. And of course, don’t forget about the visuals you can use within your copy! WordStream recommends adding images to break up the text because “interspersing images throughout the copy will make your post seem less intimidating and more visually appealing.”

After collaborating with our clients, we love writing case studies for our blog. These case studies show concrete examples of successful online marketing campaigns, plus they give our readers insight into our strategy and how we work as a creative design agency.

animated flashing car facebook ad for black friday

Credit Union of America Flash Sale: PLAY Case Study

We hope this post gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you to write a few blog posts of your own! If you have any more questions about writing killer copy or what it’s like to work with PLAY, reach out to us below!