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How a PPC Agency Tackles LinkedIn Ads

A Lincoln marketing agency discusses how they’ve tackled a new marketing platform in the form of LinkedIn

1. Get to Know the PPC Platform 

Important aspects of introducing a new platform to a PPC agency team include thoughtful strategy and diligent research. Before we publish ads for our target audience to see, we get to know all that a platform has to offer. For example, we did lots of research on the different types of ads that LinkedIn offers, how campaigns and new accounts are set up, and considered which of our clients would be best suited for LinkedIn. Meaning to say, that some companies perform better than others depending on the platform. 

Luckily, we found LinkedIn beneficial as it is already a powerful B2B site. One way LinkedIn towers over other platforms in terms of B2B marketing is their unique targeting options. LinkedIn has the ability to target based on employer name virtually regardless of company size. Other platforms (like Facebook) have a much more limited capacity for targeting by employer name. 

Another added benefit, as Hootsuite points out is that “not only are LinkedIn members influential, they also have two times the buying power of the average web crowd.”  How incredible is that? The idea of a built-in group of people who are passionate about their own businesses was a huge draw when considering advertising on LinkedIn. Want to see even more tips about online marketing creative? Take a look at our blog here.

2. Find Inspiration and Mistakes to Avoid

Sourcing inspirational ads that pack a punch creatively is a fantastic way to get started with a new platform. As a creative design agency, we like to keep up with the times and trends. As we began researching how to set up LinkedIn ads, we also scoured the web for some of the most successful LinkedIn ads we could find, that way, when the time came to make our own we would be equipped to design and deliver the most successful ads possible to our clients. 

Part of this process is also knowing what to avoid when utilizing a new platform and different audiences. Great advice often comes from the source. LinkedIn says this about targeting, “limited scale will hurt your initial campaigns, so we recommend not adding more than two to three targeting facets…through user-testing, you can learn which content and targeting strategies are most effective for your business.”


3. Practice Before Diving Deep

We can’t stress the power of practice enough. With so many fantastic resources out there, it is easy to get a clear vision of what we’d like our ads to look like long before they are imported into LinkedIn. In addition to ad mock-ups, we also like to stay in constant contact with our clients in order to set expectations for what the ads will look like and who they will be targeting. Inspirationfeed stresses the importance of mockups when they say, “mockups make it easy for developers to explore and try out new combinations until the ideal design is perfected.” 

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As a creative design agency, we create our ads carefully and use the above information to interact with new platforms. Want to find out more about working with PLAY?