Do Facebook Ads Work? Our Lincoln, NE Advertising Agency Explains!


Short answer, yes! If your company wants more brand awareness and to increase sales, then Facebook is the right platform for you! Get your ads in front of the right people (the audiences who are most likely to convert) with Facebook ads. 

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Here’s Why Facebook Ads Work (For You)!

Choose Your Audience

Choosing the right audience to show your ads to can make or break your Facebook ads campaign. One of the reasons why Facebook ads work is because, as an advertising agency in Lincoln, NE, we are able to target specific audiences and demographics. The more strategic we are when making and launching ads, the more likely we are to see positive results. 

As Facebook puts it, “you set the rules for where your ads are delivered. Adjust your target audience to be as broad or well-defined as you like.”

Test Video and Other Imagery

Having the ability to utilize different media types is the second reason why Facebook ads work so well for a marketing agency like ours. For example, we can run video ads alongside static image ads in order to test which one resonates most with a specific audience. We refer to this as A/B testing in the online advertising world.

Plus, Facebook allows us to make minor adjustments to the body copy, text overlay on a video, and other elements of an ad. Making these small adjustments throughout a campaign can help boost ad performance without having to redo an ad entirely. 

Check out our blog on A/B testing to see an in-depth look into this process and how it works when using Facebook ads.

Strategy + Reporting 

The final way we can tell that Facebook ads work is by looking at the facts and data. We love numbers just as much as the next agency, and since our clients rightfully expect data to justify our recommendations, we report on every Facebook ads campaign. Each month we pull a report and send it to the client so that they are able to see the performance of their ads. In addition, we give notes and further reasoning behind any edits we made during a reporting period. 

These reports help guide our marketing decisions going forward and allow us to collaborate with the client better.

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