Q&A With Our CEO James Spitler

james spitler ceo

Are you currently a CEO or business owner looking to expand your marketing efforts in 2023? Wondering how other business leaders navigate running an expanding company? Our CEO, James Spitler, answers a few of our pressing questions to address the above thoughts and more! 

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Q: How will you approach company growth in 2023?

The steam engine can only go as far as the tracks allow. We did a great job building the foundation for our path forward last year, and this year I will focus on maintaining that level of excellence in all parts whilst pushing the team and the companies we partner with forward. 

Q: As a CEO of a small business, what does success look like to you? Does it vary depending on the situation? 

Insert Mr. Krabs’ impression

In a literal sense, success is performing, as a unit, to the best of our ability when accomplishing a goal. Variations of this are growing alongside clients, their wins are our wins. And internally, understanding that there is no limit to how far you can grow in this company. (You could replace me one day!) And helping the team achieve the challenges they set for themselves. 

Q: What makes for a positive long-term partner relationship? 

Communication and trusting the process. Building a company is an ongoing experience that will fill you with new struggles and excitement. You built your team the way you did for a reason. Believe in them playing their part in adding to your strengths. 

Q: What are your favorite books and resources about leadership and business? 

Books: Good to Great, The Leadership Challenge, Rewire: Leadership and Reason, Be Exceptional, 12 Pillars, 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness. 

Resources: History, both ancient and modern. I believe there is so much to learn from those who accomplished what they set their mind to. Even if they only did it a few years ago. 

Q: Can you give us your top three tips for becoming a better leader? 

First, find your leadership style in historical leaders.  The people you find yourself drawn to probably fit your disposition. Learn from their experiences to understand when and where you need to team up and when to rely on your own judgment. 

Second, Understand your leadership style, including your limitations, and equip yourself with a team that works to those strengths.

Third, Give yourself the time and tools to learn through failure. Fear has killed more dreams than failure ever could.  

Q: How would you describe PLAY’s approach to online advertising and marketing? 

Shepherding; Our effectiveness comes from our speed to respond to any situation. That speed comes from a confidence in knowledge and understanding of the scene. What gives us that confidence is identical to what’s freely shared with our partners. 

Q: What advice do you have for someone interested in entrepreneurship? 

Explore it and find your reason why. Without a North Star to aim for, doubts and uncertainty creep in. It’s being human. If you fear nothing, you know nothing. You avoid common pitfalls by connecting with people who have experienced what you’re setting out to do, just get out and talk to people to find the communities and people that best fit you. They were once where you are. The secret to getting them to help you is knowing what you want. 

Q: Finally, what are three words to describe your leadership style? 

Loyal, Fierce, Commiserative. 


Thanks, James, for all your insights! 

Running a business in 2023 requires us to stay on top of online trends. Don’t fall behind! Whether you’re currently advertising online or don’t know where to begin when it comes to marketing your company, PLAY Creative has you covered.