Don’t Turn Off Your Facebook Ads! Tips From Advertising Agency in Lincoln, NE!

A successful advertising campaign on Facebook is created through several different factors: targeting the right audience, dynamic ad creative, AND testing ads rather than turning them off completely. 

Yes, sometimes an ad simply doesn’t connect with your audience. That is part of the process! However, our experts almost always recommend testing a new ad against an old one to see what is working and what is not. We explain more below!

When It Comes to Facebook Ads, Testing > Turning Off!

Testing Creates More Data

Say an ad in one of our campaigns just isn’t performing the way that we wanted it. Often, when this happens, we make slight changes to the copy or the image and relaunch it. Now, when we relaunch the updated ad, we have two choices, turn the old one off or let it run against the new version. Of course, if possible, we like to run the new one against the old one, mainly because we can then know if the updates we made actually improved the ad’s performance. And if those updates don’t improve performance, we can make further adjustments. 

But without both ads running at the same time, we have limited data and insight into what is resonating with our audience.

As SurveyMonkey puts it, “Nobody can argue against hard numbers. If you can prove which ad concepts are the best, you should have an easy time persuading colleagues to run with the winning ads.”

Testing Helps With Future Success

Once we have data to help us make informed decisions about our ads, we can then determine how we’d like to proceed with a campaign and a client in general. For example, maybe the data is telling us to make changes to the audience, or that video is performing better than static images. Having more information means creating more tailored ads – messaging and imagery that we have proven do well with the people who we want to see them. 

This data also makes our advertising agency in Lincoln, NE, confident when brainstorming and strategizing the next project we are creating. By tinkering with our ads and letting them run their course, we see what works and what doesn’t, all valuable information for us to use in the future.