Specialty Print:

Business Gift Campaign

Certified Piedmontese

black envelope mailer with orange seal


Certified Piedmontese sells beef gift boxes of all sizes and ships them nationwide. Before the 2019 holiday season, these beef slingers wanted to sell more large corporate gift boxes, so we developed an integrated campaign using cost-effective social media ads, a simple landing page and a specialty print piece to convert highly qualified leads and sell more gift boxes.

Marketing Strategy

Advertising premium gifts in the B2B space is a tricky undertaking. With a short holiday shopping season looming, we had to develop a strategy that could be implemented quickly and efficiently. We built a campaign landing page that captured leads from budget-friendly Facebook and Instagram ads, then qualified leads to determine those who were most likely to buy. These warm leads received one of our patented Specialty Print pieces.


  • Digital marketing

  • B2B marketing funnel

  • Direct mail


  • Facebook ads

  • Instagram ads

  • Landing page

  • Specialty print

Social media advertising
Lead generation
Specialty print
Popup business to business mailer with diecut steak on riser to add dimension
Closed business to business mailer with classy style and orange diecut seal on wooden table

Marketing Results

Certified Piedmontese reported a 100% increase in online sales when compared to the previous year.