Lincoln Advertising Agency: Online Calculator Campaign

PLAY Creative Design :: Facebook & Email Online Campaign


Our advertising agency in Lincoln, NE, created an online campaign in order to promote a free calculator that offered potential clients a way to calculate their marketing budget. In addition, the campaign gave the option to set a marketing demo meeting to walk someone through 3 marketing strategies that would boost sales and revenue for a business.

Our Approach

Before we created this online marketing campaign, we created a comprehensive media plan that outlined our overall goals and the timeline we wanted to follow.


  • Campaign strategy

  • Landing page creation

  • Ad creation
  • Email creation

  • Campaign management
  • Reporting


  • Facebook ads
  • Mailerlite emails

  • Custom-design landing pages

Lead Generation
Lead Nurturing
Brand Awareness

Online Calculator Campaign – Graphic & Icon Detail

Online Calculator Campaign – Facebook Paid Ads

Online Calculator Campaign – Landing Pages

Main Landing Page

Free Calculator Landing Page

Online Calculator Campaign – Email Example

Email -Your Free Marketing Budget Calculator is Here!