Advertising Agency: Google Display Ads

Magnolia Window & Door Company :: Online Ad Campaign


Magnolia Window & Door Company in Knoxville, TN, approached us through our own Google Display online ads. They wanted us to start out with a smaller advertising budget while gaining more web traffic and brand awareness.

Our Approach

In order to reach Magnolia Window & Door Company’s goal of impressions, our team needed to build brand awareness in their local area first. That meant driving more people to their site with our online Google Display Ads. Our partner was also on a tight budget, so starting off with Google Display Ads was a low-cost alternative to getting the brand shown daily for less media spend. With Google Display ads, we can achieve high website traffic to help drive audience interest.

Additionally, to help maintain the feel of the Magnolia Window & Door Company website, we created images and wrote consistent messaging within the ads we produced, as well as expanded upon overall company brand standards.


  • Media planning

  • Key message creation

  • Ad design

  • Reporting

Media Platforms

  • Google Display Ads

Brand Awareness
Lead Nurturing

Online Google Display Ads – Example Art