Paid Search Case Study: The Waterford Communities

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Google Paid Search Advertising Overview:

The Waterford Communities provide assisted living, Alzheimer’s, and memory care in Lincoln, NE. They wanted an advertising plan that gained them leads and ultimately led to new members in their communities.

Online Marketing Executive Summary:

Here at PLAY, we created a marketing plan that fit both the client’s needs and budgets. We chose Google Paid Search as the platform for their campaign because we were able to target the local Lincoln area while focusing our keywords on assisted living and a specific Waterford building location.

Identifying the Problem:

At the beginning of the campaign, we decided to use a series of both broad match and phrase match keywords in order to test what our audience would be searching for when attempting to find retirement communities in Lincoln. We also tailored parts of the ads toward the family members of potential community members because they are often the ones tasked with finding care homes.

The Results Speak Volumes


Number of Phone Calls & Submissions


Click-Through Rate


Number of Clicks

Over 54k

Number of Impressions

Wrapping Up

Our goal of gaining conversions was more than met by the above results and provided our client with form submissions and phone calls from the ads.

Since launching the campaign about a year and a half ago, the ads have continued to outperform themselves. They have beaten industry standards, such as CTR, which currently sits around 6.30% across all industries. Our client is thrilled with these results, and we couldn’t be happier to provide them with a service that meets their advertising needs and fits within their marketing budget. 

care home case study

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