Google Display Ad Campaign –

Unite Private Networks


Executive Summary:

The goal of this campaign was to target Unite Private Networks’ core markets with ongoing ad rotation. The client aimed to build brand awareness and pull leads through the website. Over the course of the campaign, these ads generated 1,194.66 conversions at a low cost per conversion of $34.44. Additionally, the ads gained 2.23M impressions and 23,314 clicks. 

Given the competition in the industry, and the conversion rate average of 3.71% in that industry, we were thrilled by these high numbers – the campaign gaining an overall conversion rate of 5.12%.

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Google Display Ads



  • Private. Grounded. Secure.
  • We’re All Over the Map, but Focused on You
  • Tongue-in-cheek style writing
  • Don’t shy away from connection
  • Fiber-based communications for business
  • The key to our customers’ hearts? Connectivity?

Google Display Marketing:

Up to 3qty different ad themes rotating – Content and imagery

  • Each theme is sized for Google desktop and mobile ad placement (Various sizes included)
  • Ads will change as we see ad fatigue or low-performance
  • Tongue-in-cheek style writing to match branding tone
  • Graphics to match branding and maintain consistency throughout the year
  • A/B testing of ads included
  • Animated ads rotated through the campaign

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