3 Copywriting Strategies From a Facebook Marketing Agency


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A crucial part of promoting a brand is messaging. How you talk about your company heavily influences the success of your online advertising. As a Facebook marketing agency, we work with clients on a daily basis to figure out how best to speak about the products or services they sell. Here are 3 strategies we use in order to make our advertising copy the best it can be.

Copy That! 3 Strategies to Make Your Brand Messaging Sing!

1. Speak to Your Audience!

Before you can write successful ad copy, you must first figure out who you’re speaking to. Our Facebook marketing agency includes a director of strategic marketing. Part of her role is to think through the best possible group to target. A number of factors go into targeting. Things like location, age, and general interests are all considered.

Once an audience is firmly established, then copywriting can begin. As WordStream puts it, “you must write as though you’re writing to one person—and one person alone.” Writing as though you are speaking to a friend is a fantastic way to bring people into your world and get them interested in what you sell. The more you can relate what your company does to what your audience needs, the better your ads will perform.

2. Tell a Story

Storytelling is the core of all writing. No matter if you are writing a novel or an advertisement. Telling your brand’s story through Facebook advertising gives your chosen audience a small slice of who you are. This quick glance into your company will entice them to click on your ad and therefore explore your website.

However, it is important to consider three different types of readers: skimmers, swimmers, and divers when telling a story.

Skimmers are just looking for the highlights. They’re skimming your ad for relevant information and getting out of there. Swimmers are interested in going a little deeper. They want to know more but need to be pulled in further by the copy and design. Divers are people who want the full story. They are interested in getting all of the details that you are willing to share.

So, when it comes to copy, it’s imperative that our Facebook marketing agency writes with these three types of readers in mind. This means we’re hooking the audience at the beginning of the ad and then adding more specific details the farther in you go.

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3. Create a Strong Call to Action

So, once you get your audience to read your advertisement, what are you asking them to do? Ideally, you want them to click on the button and be taken to your landing page. This landing page will have more information related to the ad.

Creating a strong Call to Action or “CTA” will further encourage potential customers to continue on your marketing journey with you. This CTA starts in the primary text of the ad. HubSpot writes, “keep the action-oriented direction of the content front-and-center throughout all your content.”

Furthermore, when creating ads, our Facebook marketing agency considers the best statement in which to end an ad. This statement could be things like “Contact Us,” “Sign Up,” or “Shop Now.” Balancing action with your storytelling keeps consumers engaged and creates a sense of urgency.

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