3 Facebook Marketing Agency Tips: Small Business Advertising Budgets


Are you part of a small business that’s looking to advertise on Facebook but unsure if you have the budget required to do so? As a Facebook marketing agency, we know exactly how much money it takes to create a successful advertising campaign. In this article, we’re going to break down some rough numbers AND share 3 tips we have for small businesses hoping to get started with marketing.

How to make an impact without breaking the bank!

At PLAY, we’ve been working with clients for over 14 years and know what it takes to create successful, budget-friendly campaigns that make our clients happy (not to mention money!)

So, let’s get down to brass tax. How much money should you set aside in the budget for online Facebook marketing?  There are two plans that we usually offer to clients. We’ve broken them down here (the platinum plan includes additional testing, which helps you understand your audience more quickly,  but the gold plan is still great for gaining new sales and leads). Of course, we can and do customize our plans to fit the needs of each client, but here are some rough numbers to help get you started:

Note: The numbers below are examples and are subject to change.


1. Optimize Web Pages

Your website is the last point of contact that a potential client/customer has with your brand. So the main goal of a Facebook ad is to get your audience to click the call to action (like “Learn More” or “Contact Us”) and then send them to your landing page of choice. 

Ensuring that your website is the best it can be will encourage brand loyalty and give your customers confidence that they are making the right choice in buying your product or service. 

Some preliminary steps you can take to optimize your web pages are things like: 

  1. Making your intentions clear – what are you asking the reader to do on the page? This could be anything from “buy now” to “contact us.” 
  2. Use supportive images or videos that back up the information written on the page. 

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2. Consider Your BEST Audience

While there might be a variety of groups that you would like to target, it’s important to consider what audience is the absolute BEST. Who do you think will be most likely to engage with your ad and positively respond to what you sell? Those are the people you want to target when creating ads. 

Our Facebook advertising agency spends a great deal of time brainstorming audiences for our clients. Not only that, but once those audiences are created, we carefully watch to see if the ads are resonating with them and take action if not.

3. Utilize an Agency

Our final tip to consider while budgeting and planning your first marketing campaign is to consider the role an agency could play in the process. Choosing an agency with years of experience in its field is a fantastic way to understand the process without putting a ton of pressure on your own team. 

As HubSpot puts it, “An agency is an organization that offers a list of services for one specific industry. A creative agency, then, is one that offers services related to marketing and advertising.”

Have more questions about budgeting or Facebook marketing tips? Reach out to us below!