PPC Agency Blog Series: What is Brand Awareness?


While gaining sales and leads are integral to running a successful online ad campaign, one aspect often overlooked is brand awareness. This week, we’re defining what this concept means and why we believe in its value as a creative agency.

What is Brand Awareness?

In short, brand awareness has to do with how familiar people are with your brand and what your business offers. How visible your brand is online can be based on lots of different factors. From organic posting on social media to paid advertisements, the more you can get your business in front of people, the more likely you are to increase sales and stay present in the minds of those likely to convert today or at a later date.

As HubSpot puts it, “Brand awareness establishes that brand trust. When you put a proverbial face to your brand name, consumers can trust easier. Brand awareness efforts give your brand a personality and outlet to be sincere, receive feedback, and tell a story.” 

Let’s say you get served an Instagram ad for a sustainable clothing company. You go to their website and like their products but aren’t ready to buy. Because you went to their site, you see a few more ads from them. A few months later, you want to get a new shirt and immediately think of that brand, not only because you like what they sell, but because their advertising efforts keep them top of mind. 

This is the power of brand awareness. Our team at PLAY has seen firsthand how marketing agencies can build awareness for companies. Sometimes it’s about playing the long game and getting your name out there, and keeping it out there. 

Check out some of our recent campaigns to see how powerful online advertising can be!

How Can You Gain Brand Awareness?

There are many different ways to gain brand awareness in your community, nationally, and beyond. Working in advertising, we recommend using an aggressive approach to brand awareness. This means utilizing several different platforms and avenues to advertise and market your brand. 

A few examples of these platforms would be Facebook advertising, Google Search, and Display ads. Ad platforms often work together in order to increase your brand’s success. If a person sees your Facebook ad, they might click that ad and go to your website, or they might see that ad, make a note of your brand, and google you later on. If they Google you, and you’re running Google Search Ads, it’s likely that your messaging will also pop up on search engines. The more platforms you strategically advertise on, the more likely you are to get in front of the right audience. 

In addition to online, traditional media can also be useful. Things like mailers and brochures can be a big hit with certain audiences and provide another layer to your marketing efforts.

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