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Brand awareness is one of the primary goals of most advertising platforms. When you optimize for brand awareness, advertising sites like Google and Facebook will get your ads in front of as many people as possible. By doing this, you are far more likely to increase sales and create a solid following in your community and beyond.

Where to Advertise  

Starting online advertising or investing more money into online advertising can be intimidating. However, plenty of platforms are available that make it easy for companies to get a lot of eyes on their ads without breaking the bank. 

 The main platform that we recommend as a United States advertising agency is Google Display. Display ads show at the top, bottom, middle, and sides of a webpage. We like to think of them as digital billboards. A quick snapshot of information about what a company does, who they are, or a special promotion they are running. Tracking conversions like leads and phone number clicks is an added bonus when setting up a Google Display campaign, but the primary benefit is how many audience members you can target and reach for as little as $5/day. 

One of our favorite sites, WordStream, goes into more detail. “Granting you such widespread exposure, the greatest benefit of display advertising is brand awareness.” As Larry Kim put it, “The single biggest predictor of whether people will purchase is whether they’ve heard of you before.”

Check out one of our Google Display case studies to get a better idea of how these campaigns work and what they can do to grow your brand awareness.

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How to Grow

Once you have better brand awareness established across the internet, then it is incredibly beneficial to introduce different campaigns that focus on gaining sales and retargeting customers who have seen an ad previously and visited your website. 

By adding in advertising channels from different platforms, you can bring in more audience members and potentially show fresh ads to people who were already interested in what you do or want to buy from you again. We have found that our Facebook ad agency services influence Google marketing efforts. Additionally, sending out mailers or introducing email marketing can be fantastic next steps in gaining even more, brand awareness and boosting sales. 

Tally writes, “Advertising works by creating a pattern of associations that elicit an emotional connection or response in the intended audience, ultimately influencing the consumer’s purchasing decisions, often in an unconscious way.”

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