Tired of Advertising Without Results? Get Advice From Ad Experts!


3 Ways to Gain a Better ROI

Advertising without seeing results can be a frustrating process. We know firsthand how many different avenues there are when it comes to gaining sales and brand awareness. And not all of those avenues are a fit for our clients and their budget. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when trying to increase your ROI.

#1: Advertise Across Multiple Channels  

As stated above, not all of our clients are a fit for every advertising platform or marketing type. For example, a client who is hoping to gain brand recognition on a limited budget is typically a great fit for Google Display, as Display ads show to a lot of potential customers for a small daily spend. 

However, we have seen that utilizing multiple channels from one campaign can increase ROI. Simply because, by strategically allocating budgets, your ads are in front of more eyes. When we run specialty campaigns or short flash sale campaigns, we like to use custom landing pages, email marketing, and Facebook marketing to spread the word about a sale or limited-time offer. Coming at a campaign from all sides helps remind those who are most likely to convert and helps to track the most successful channels. 

Salem Surround writes, “Not everyone reads e-newsletters, browses Facebook, or listens to talk shows on a regular basis. But by advertising with all three of those channels, you’ll put your brand in front of more consumers.”

How you advertise on Facebook influences those searching for your product or service on Google and vice versa. Consider expanding or tailoring your efforts to help gain a better return.

#2: Utilize the Budget You Have

What can be intimidating about expanding the platforms where you advertise or investing in large-scale print campaigns is the price. But what’s fantastic about the advertising and marketing options available is that you don’t have to dedicate ridiculous amounts of money to see results. In fact, we work with many businesses that serve small portions of a city or state. And in this case, throwing massive amounts of money to a Facebook or Google campaign might actually be doing a disservice to your ads. When it comes to Facebook marketing, Entrepreneur even says, “Just make sure that you’re not starting with a huge budget because Facebook is extremely good at eating up money.”

Instead, tailoring your targeting to the right audience in your area can be just as effective as having a large daily budget. In less competitive areas, you might not need to bid more for certain keywords or spend more to get your ad shown to lots of people. 

Our client, TLCU, said in regards to our services, “Great at working with you with tight timelines but especially if the budget is tight, they work with it and still produce fantastic results. They understand that small businesses just can’t afford as much as the big dogs but never give you the impression that you are too small…”

#3: Invest in the Process 

Finally, the last way to help increase your ROI is to invest in the process that is advertising and marketing. We’ve seen it take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for a Facebook campaign to truly take off. There are a lot of factors that can affect ads. One is correctly budgeting for the size of your audience as mentioned above, but also things such as the media types you’re using, the interests and job titles you are targeting, and much more. Plus, it takes platforms a while to learn who your prime audience is, and campaigns require testing of different ads in order to find advertising sweet spots. 

Experience says, “The time it takes for an ad campaign to be successful varies depending on your industry, where you’re advertising and your budget.”

So, once you have budgets set and ads ready to launch, invest in the time that it can take to see results, and don’t be afraid to pivot to different offers, imagery, content, and everything else that’s involved in setting up online advertising campaigns. Our ad agency has seen results at nearly every stage of a campaign’s life, and we know that if something isn’t working, there are always ways to refresh and revamp to gain a positive ROI.