Lincoln Agency Tips: Summer Advertising


Our marketing agency in Lincoln, NE, has all the tips you need for successful summer advertising

The “J” months – June and July are notorious for being slower in terms of sales and new leads. Kids are out of school, and families go on vacation – breaking out of their usual buying routines. That’s why it’s so essential to create new content that people want to see in the summer season. If you feel your advertising content is stagnant during this time, consider creating new messaging and designs based on our tips below!

Tip #1: Use Sales & Promotions

Who doesn’t love a good sale? As a small business in Lincoln, NE, we know the power that comes with offering our clients deals and discounts on our services. Something to get them in the door and excited about what we do. No matter your industry, we can bet that you’ve used sales or promotions in some capacity. And since the summer months tend to be slower in a lot of the industries our clients serve, we highly recommend getting in front of your audience with specials to encourage them to buy/sign up, etc. 

As Fuel Marketing notes, because school is out for the season and more people are at home on a regular basis, that means more eyes on screens and more time to discover new brands to love or revisit old favorites. 

Deciding on an enticing promotion like 20% off your whole inventory for a limited time, free shipping, or a set amount of free consulting hours, you are more likely to stand against your competitors. The best way to choose your promotion is to consider what your current audience craves most and what would switch potential customers/clients into permanent ones.  

You might already have a good idea of who that audience is, but if you want advice about ways to go about speaking to and advertising to those people, we’re here to help!

Tip #2: Explore Seasonal Benefits of Products

As a small business, we capitalize on Facebook’s services by advertising in Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas. So we know firsthand what tactics to use when trying to gain leads. That’s why we offer clients seasonal flash sales depending on their industry and create annual plans that best cater to the monthly specials and offerings those same clients would like to showcase during a given time of the year. 

When structuring your advertising and marketing campaigns going into the summer months, think about how your products or services fit into buying cycles and how customers can benefit from purchasing from you in June, July, and August. For example, maybe you have a product that is great for travel or taking trips. Perhaps you offer home remodeling services that are best done in the summer months and are a great preventive step for harsh winter weather. If your brand doesn’t cater to the summer season whatsoever, consider creating a temporary product or freebie. HelloPrint writes, “Customers appreciate practical promotions, especially those that are suited to the season. Offer them summer-themed giveaways such as custom towelsbeach games.”

Any limited-time offer or gift you can offer customers is an immediate attention grabber!

Tip #3: Christmas in July

If nothing else, the summer is a great time to get people pumped about the biggest buying season of them all…fall and winter holidays. And the best part about capitalizing on the “Christmas in July” mentality is that you have some simple selling points already built into your strategy. The first is FOMO. 

Focus in on the idea that if they don’t buy now, the product or service will be hard to get or gone by the holiday season. Encouraging “early shopping” while running a promotion creates double the excitement. 

The second selling point built into this strategy is that if customers start their holiday shopping in the summer, they can avoid the rush and crowds that come during the colder months. Not only that, but online shoppers won’t have to worry about not getting a product by a certain date, or if things are on backorder, they’ll be better set up to receive the items on time. 

Us News writes, “If you wait to do most of your holiday shopping in December, the odds are decent that you’ll find far more empty shelves than you would expect.”

Bottom line, our advertising agency highly encourages your business to take advantage of all the possibilities that the summer months offer!