Presearch – A Decentralized Search Engine That Rewards Users


In the digital age, search engines have become the gateway to information, but concerns over data privacy have led to a demand for alternatives. Presearch emerges as a solution, offering a decentralized search engine that not only respects user privacy but also rewards them for their engagement. This white paper explores the data-driven advantages of Presearch as a disruptive force in the search engine industry.


Presearch disrupts the traditional search engine model by decentralizing its operations and incentivizing user participation through cryptocurrency rewards. According to Statista, the global search engine market was valued at approximately $107 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $167 billion by 2025. In this growing market, Presearch introduces a unique proposition, allowing advertisers to target users based on their search behavior, which improves conversion rates by up to 200%, as reported by HubSpot.


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Applications for Marketing

Presearch offers a treasure trove of opportunities for marketers. With data showing that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, according to Search Engine Journal, Presearch’s decentralized platform provides a fertile ground for targeted advertising. By leveraging user data and preferences, advertisers can achieve a 2-3 times higher click-through rate compared to traditional search engine ads, as evidenced by Google Ads benchmarks.


Presearch disrupts the status quo by giving users control over their data and rewarding them for their engagement. This model challenges traditional search engines like Google, which has faced criticism for its data collection practices. With data breaches and privacy concerns on the rise, as highlighted by the Pew Research Center, Presearch offers a timely alternative that prioritizes user privacy and transparency.

Value for a Customer

The value proposition of Presearch is twofold. Firstly, users are incentivized to engage with the platform through cryptocurrency rewards, as evidenced by a 30% increase in user engagement since the introduction of rewards, according to internal Presearch data. Secondly, advertisers benefit from targeted advertising options that result in a 25% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), based on case studies conducted by Presearch.


Presearch empowers advertisers with robust analytics tools to track and optimize their campaigns effectively. According to a study by McKinsey, businesses that leverage analytics are 2.6 times more likely to have a competitive advantage in customer profitability. With Presearch’s analytics, advertisers can gain insights into user behavior, campaign performance, and ROI, enabling data-driven decision-making for optimal results.


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Success Measurement

Success on Presearch can be quantified through various metrics, including user engagement, conversion rates, and ROI. Internal data from Presearch indicates a 20% increase in conversion rates for advertisers using targeted campaigns compared to traditional methods. By continually monitoring and optimizing campaigns based on these metrics, advertisers can maximize their success on the platform.


Presearch offers user-friendly tools like the Presearch Ad Manager, which streamlines the process of creating and managing advertising campaigns. According to a survey by Gartner, 89% of marketers find ease of use the most important factor when choosing marketing tools. With Presearch’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features, advertisers can navigate the platform effortlessly to achieve their marketing objectives.


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Price Point

Despite its innovative features, Presearch remains competitively priced compared to traditional search engines and advertising platforms. According to a report by Forrester, businesses that adopt cost-effective solutions experience a 30% reduction in customer acquisition costs. With Presearch, advertisers have the flexibility to set their budgets and bids, ensuring they maximize their ROI within their financial constraints.


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User Base

While Presearch’s user base continues to grow, it’s essential to acknowledge its current standing compared to established search engines. According to SimilarWeb, Presearch’s monthly active users have grown by 15% in the past year. However, there is ample room for expansion, given that Google’s monthly active users exceed 2 billion. As Presearch continues to innovate and attract users, its potential for growth remains promising.


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Complementary to Current Offerings

Presearch doesn’t seek to replace existing search engines but rather complement them. By offering a new avenue for targeted advertising and a revenue stream for users, it enriches the search engine ecosystem. According to eMarketer, businesses that diversify their advertising channels experience a 28% increase in customer retention. With Presearch, advertisers can expand their reach and engage with audiences beyond traditional platforms, driving growth and loyalty.


eMarketer – Diversifying advertising channels for customer retention

Demonstrating Knowledge

Staying informed about Presearch’s developments and actively engaging with the community are paramount for demonstrating expertise in the platform. According to LinkedIn, professionals who engage with industry-specific content are 5 times more likely to establish themselves as thought leaders. By participating in discussions, sharing insights, and contributing to the Presearch community, businesses can position themselves as leaders in this transformative space.


LinkedIn – Thought leadership statistics


In conclusion, Presearch offers a paradigm shift in the search engine and advertising landscape. With its decentralized model, user-centric approach, and data-driven advantages, it stands poised to disrupt traditional players and unlock new opportunities for businesses and users alike. By harnessing the power of Presearch and adhering to best practices in advertising, businesses can navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence, driving growth and success in the process.

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