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ReviewCloud is a local company with a product that’s marketed nationwide, so the sales team needed support with lead generation from web hits. Previous attempts to market the services digitally failed to achieve any results, so PLAY came to the table with a new online marketing strategy. We reframed the problem and redefined the marketing goals, which helped steer the strategy and design a solution with Google Paid Search ads and a new landing page.

Review cloud display ads for employee performance management software
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Marketing Strategy

Our team started by researching ReviewCloud’s competition in the market. We optimized the current website for Google searchability and faster load times, created a 6-month marketing plan using keywords with high search volume in the employee management space.

The campaign was built around these proven, high-volume search terms through paid search and the landing page. We also built in tracking tools that let us A/B test various facets of the campaign, including heat maps that let us precisely track the customer experience online.


  • Web development

  • Online marketing

  • Web optimization


  • Landing page

  • Google Paid Search

Lead Generation
Brand Awareness
Web Traffic

Marketing Results

  • 1,110 clicks
  • 75 Conversions/Leads
  • Conversion Rate of 6.74%
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