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Custom landing page on mac for prairiefire consulting with set up a meeting button


PrairieFire is a small team of workplace consultants helping business leaders learn what makes their employees tick and how to best leverage their talents. The company’s complex service offering lacked clarity and a polished website, causing them to lose out on potential business and the ability to grow.

Marketing Strategy

After a deep dive into PrairieFire’s business and operations, we helped their team simplify and clarify their messaging, their positioning, and eventually, their slogan:

“We help leaders leverage employee strengths to overcome friction and develop cohesive, productive teams.”

With new brand messaging developed, we set forth applying it to their shiny new website.


  • Web design

  • Web development

  • Brand message refinement

  • Positioning


  • Website

  • Branding

Messaging refinement
Web design
mockup of consulting website with trusted partners and blog section
core values and reviews section of consulting website mocked up on computer screen