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Financibility Campaign:

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Advert for Credit Union Membership Growth Campaign


Credit Union of America (CUA) was looking for a unique approach to gaining members through new checking accounts with a marketing campaign that would set them apart from other financial institutions in the Wichita area. CUA has always positioned itself as a service-first credit union, so the campaign had to emphasize friendly service and the relationships that staff build with members.

Digital Ad created for an online marketing campaign.
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Marketing Strategy

Our goal in brainstorming strategies was to be unique and get CUA noticed locally while selling new checking accounts.

Focusing on brand keywords like “friendly” and “relationship” aligned nicely with the idea of online dating, which was hitting a fever pitch at the time with new dating apps. This is where the idea of “Financibility” was born—matching people with a financial institution and starting a relationship.

We developed special branding and graphics around the campaign to play up the online dating theme in which members were “matched up” with a CUA staff member or service that fit them. It also helped reinforce CUA’s commitment to getting to know its members thanks to a campaign microsite, TV commercials and a full suite of print and digital media.


  • Campaign strategy

  • Campaign branding

  • Logo development

  • Website development

  • Graphic design

  • Radio spot development

  • TV commercial development 


  • Microsite 

  • Radio

  • Broadcast commercials 

  • Online ads

  • Print ads

  • Lobby displays

Product awareness
Brand awareness
Web traffic
Credit union marketing campaign that attracted to members.
Credit union website for campaign
financibility campaign on mobile, desktop, and tablet
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