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Auto Loan Promotion:

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CUFCU Billboard Design


Columbus United Federal Credit Union (CUFCU) promotes auto loans every year, primarily focusing on the service that members get with their loan. From a creative perspective, CUFCU really wanted this campaign to stand out around Columbus; something that nearby financial institutions weren’t going for.

Credit Union Poster Marketing for auto loan
Columbus United FCU Post Card Marketing Material for auto loan
Poster Design for Columbus United Credit Union

Marketing Strategy

Since we didn’t have the opportunity for a very glamorous offer, we focused on creating unique visuals and catchy copy to drive interest in the campaign. We featured a popular, current truck model that would resonate with the small-town, heavily rural community. We developed several catchy sayings that could fit on vanity license plates to keep the campaign messaging fresh and unique, while support copy communicated the details of the auto loan offer and CUFCU’s friendly service.

This campaign helped us push the limits of the CUFCU brand—which we developed in 2010—and create a highly positive response for the credit union.


  • Campaign strategy

  • Creative content writing

  • Graphic design

  • Branding

  • Media strategy


  • Billboards

  • Lobby displays

  • Drive through banners

  • Print ads

  • Direct mail

Web traffic
Promotion awareness
Brand awareness

Marketing Results

CUFCU saw great response to the campaign throughout their community, also bringing in new members and a sense of pride among current members.

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