It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind here in agency land.

With a decade of business under our belts here at PLAY, we’re all too aware of how important it is to remember to have fun with design. That’s why we’re so committed to taking creative breaks for fun projects, even if it’s not a paid gig.

Our whole team is pretty darn fond of the Tavern on the Square and we’re also big fans of brunch. So when it was time for a little creative break, designing a poster for the annual Brunch on the Square series was a no-brainer.

We flexed our creative muscles with some free brainstorming and uninhibited sketching, which is basically a designer’s dream come true. To the left, you can see our final concept sketch and the final product.

Making work that’s entirely speculative and unprompted also helps us keep our skills sharp for the times when similar jobs come along. It’s our goal to always be fresh and ready for opportunities when they arise.