PLAY_CUA_BrandGuide_Fr.png Summary:
Credit Union of America (CUA) has an established brand, however as new products and services are offered, the organization looked to PLAY to help it continue to grow without sacrificing brand recognition.

CUA wanted to promote its Certificate of Deposits, including three sub products that are directed to very different audiences. The organization asked PLAY to help establish a solution for promoting virtually any product, to any audience, without reinventing materials along the way.

We recommended and developed a complete set of brand guidelines for CUA’s internal marketing team to use to produce materials for any product or service. The guidelines included approved templates and usage of: font types and sizes, logos, photography, body copy, color-coding per product line/audience, sidebars, patterns and more. This resource serves as a key resource for building consistency while clearly communicating to each CUA audience.

To further help the brand, we also created layout scenarios, ad mock-ups and examples across several media. These pieces include: drive-up banners, online advertising, print, website images, lobby posters and more.

These examples serve as templates to guide internal marketing efforts. Ultimately, CUA can use simple plug-and-play methodology to swap products and services as their marketing efforts evolve throughout the year. This system not only saves its team time and money, it also assures long-term brand consistency.