Timelines, budgets, goals. Every project has them. And as every client, and every project varies, consistency becomes our lifeline. We’ve all complained about process and the tediousness of dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. But at the end of the day, it’s a detailed, well planned process that gets you the best result.

Through a clearly defined process, we can promise a quality product. This order of events helps our team meet client goals and satisfy our passion for marrying measurable goals to outstanding creative. With this in mind, our standard project timeline includes twelve days for planning and fifteen days for production. This builds in time for thinking, exploring, building and finalizing ideas. We often plan for 2-3 weeks for printing and coding can take 30 days or more, depending on the project. The graphic above illustrates our process.

Further adding to the quality of our work, our internal proofing process includes three points of contact before client review. This saves our clients time by assuring them a quality product the first time they see it, and it helps our team be accountable for the work we provide. We also work toward turning around revisions/proofing changes within one day, depending on the request. This detailed approach often reduces the rounds of revisions, which saves everyone time.

All of this being said there are situations where our standard timeline isn’t feasible. We look at each project individually to determine the best course of action, and adjust our timelines as needed.

Transparency is built into our timelines as well. From our first meeting to delivery, we involve our clients in the process. We believe when they’re engaged, our clients stay excited and take greater ownership in the outcome. All PLAY clients have access to a project management system in which they can log on and view the progress of their project at any time. This keeps them informed of where a project is in the process, and it empowers them to provide feedback more easily along the way. This team-oriented approach fosters collaboration and better results.

A structured process combined with transparency and detailed timeline lead to a higher quality product. And that leads to greater results for the businesses we serve. Feel free to stop in or call to learn more about our approach.