2015 is here, and we figured that we would welcome the new year by highlighting a campaign that was a welcome gift itself.

Pandas again

To celebrate the arrival of two Pandas, Er Shun and Da Mao, and the opening of their Panda exhibit, the Toronto Zoo worked with Canadian agency Cundari to develop these adorable mailers. The box featured two tea cups set into a pattern to resemble a panda’s face, and two bags of tea, one white tea and one black tea, ready to be prepared an enjoyed by the recipients. In addition, there was a note declaring the arrival of the two pandas and encouraging the recipients enjoy the tea in honor of the arriving animals.

The box was sent to strategic media outlets, including two Chinese language newspapers, Sing Tao and Ming Pao, as well as Canada’s leading multicultural television network, OMNI TV, and radio station, Fairchild Radio.

This campaign is not only adorable, but also is a great talking point for the media personnel it was sent to. People love to talk about free things they get, especially when they are clever or noteworthy like this mailer campaign was!