Local charitable organizations often have limited resources, especially when it comes to their marketing efforts. However, with a little creativity it’s possible to develop engaging campaigns to help spread their message without sacrificing valuable dollars.

PLAY recently teamed with the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools to raise awareness and funds for its Student Emergency Fund. As part of its winter appeal, the organization needed to effectively educate its audience about the program, who it serves and why these funds matter. As an appeal, the marketing piece needed to provide information for donations, including a return envelope.

The PLAY team developed a dynamic mailer that showcased the positive nature of the program. As a multi-piece mailing, it included a letter, bookmark, postcard and return envelope. Each piece shared varying elements of the program, such as student success stories, examples of how the funds are used and how the program functions. Simple, clean and upbeat, the dynamic mailer is an example of how budget-constrained non-profit organizations can look beyond traditional marketing methods to create engaging and memorable marketing materials.