When it comes to video surveillance, seeing is believing. So when Kidwell tasked us with creating an informative parcel to support the efforts of its sales team, providing information in an intriguing, impactful way was key.

Kidwell’s IP-based video surveillance systems create high-resolution imaging so that employers can clearly keep an eye on their business at all times, from their office or smartphone. This advanced technology is integrated directly into a company’s current network setup, making it a safer and more reliable solution.


Using elements from the Kidwell website, PLAY developed an interactive box that showcases key features and benefits of IP-based surveillance video solutions. Words like “focus” and “all angles” introduce each layer of the dynamic mailer as it unveils each reason why a company should consider this security solution.


First, viewers open a flap to see similar illustrations from the Kidwell website, which directly outline the brand’s focus, including high-resolution cameras, remote viewing, IP network integration and professional installation. From there, a pull tab takes them to an interactive booklet that speaks more directly about IP-based video surveillance.


Once the booklet is removed from the box, viewers are encouraged to request an on-site demo and seek additional information from the Kidwell website. Designed using a series of folds and flaps, the Kidwell parcel provided a highly interactive and informative solution for the Kidwell sales team. Using a dynamic, high-end print piece, Kidwell’s team became better equipped to generate warm leads at larger businesses. The piece demonstrated the finer details of the company’s security solutions in a highly professional manner. Viewers could see, at every angle, how IP-based surveillance supports the safety of their customers and employees.

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