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AIMing for a Stronger Brand

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Family Focus FCU, a small financial institution in Omaha, needed a brand that differentiated it from the slew of banks and credit unions in the area. We helped the credit union develop a program that gives members a simple path to financial freedom, and the brand to go along with it.

aim logo variation
aim logo variation 2
final variation logo for aim

Our Approach

With the goal of streamlining customer service and pairing members with the best services and products possible, we knew that brand consistency would be paramount. The new sub-brand needed to evoke a feeling of progression while relating to the current brand colors. Three main areas of focus for the program were developed along with the name.

Working off our previously developed slogan, “Working together towards financial freedom,” we established the new name “AIM.” This was paired with the positioning statement “ready, aim, freedom.”

The new slogan represented the stages a member would go through as they worked closely with the Family Focus team to achieve their financial goals together.


  • Custom graphic design

  • Campaign strategy

  • A/B testing

  • Digital advertising

  • Email marketing


  • AdWords

  • Display ads

  • Sales emails

  • Radio

  • Billboards

  • Postcards

  • Specialty print

Lead Generation
Brand Awareness
Web Traffic
aim Digital Marketing
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AIM Logo and Theme Mural
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