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Credit Union on the Tube

Credit Union of America :: Client Since 2014


“Bob Bolen told me he has been a member of the credit union since 1980, first with CKCU and now CUA, and in all those years he has NEVER been more proud to be a member of Credit Union of America. He said those TV commercials are so well done, and so well made, that it made him tell all his friends that CUA is HIS credit union. Of course, he loves all the staff and always comes in just for them, however the TV commercials in particular are what he wanted to make sure he discussed with me. Thank you to the entire marketing team for all your hard work on these ads, and for all you do for CUA.”


-Credit Union of America
TV Commercial for credit union with black background and white text
TV Spot for CU
end card of TV ad for credit union

Our Approach

Always a savvy, brand-minded client, Credit Union of America has made a strong push to use more storytelling in recent years. We’ve been thrilled to help them with this initiative, especially when it comes to TV.


  • Campaign strategy

  • Commercial development

  • Production/direction

  • Talent management


  • Video

Brand Awareness
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