The morning is a solitary thing. Everyone is grumbling and groggy, isolated at their desks as they try to get their gears turning. But Nescafè wanted to change things, so they developed a mailer to help people come together with warm conversation and warm coffee.

Nescafe paper cups

The Nescafè Pop-Up Cafè mailers were part of a protective jacket for the MetroNews paper and was given to people in Paris, France. When the cover was opened, recipients found an invitation to start a conversation and two foldable paper coffee cups. They were encouraged to share the moment with others, starting up a conversation that would never have happened otherwise.

This is a brilliant idea, stealthily including foldable branded cups that actually hold coffee in the morning paper so everyone gets it, and not only that, but making sure there are two, so you get people naturally talking about it when they show it to their friends and coworkers to share. Nescafè let people play right into their hands, getting more word-of-mouth through simple print pieces than they could have in the crowded digital space.