Katie Struckman

Project Manager


Originally a high school history teacher, Katie had a change of heart over five years ago and followed her passion for marketing and advertising. As a project manager at PLAY, she assists with scheduling production, proofing projects, keeping in contact with clients, and creating reports showing the success of campaigns. Her affinity for organization and efficiency help projects move smoothly through the production process.

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Job Role
  • Production Scheduling and Management

  • Project and Campaign Planning

  • Client Communication

Points of Interest
  • Official crazy cat lady (look for her kitty Gemma on video calls)

  • Movie buff and Academy Awards aficionado

  • Puts jalapenos and hot sauce on everything

  • Has lived in 9 different states

  • Has a large collection of t-shirts from every brewery she visits

  • Loves stand up comedy, but especially Dave Chappelle