We’ve been whipping up designs for our June 3rd Zine Show.

In case you’re not familiar with zines, here’s a quick (and certainly incomplete) hiztory!

Zines—think magazines—are self-published booklets.

As printing methods became more accessible in the last 300 years, so did self-publishing. In the 18th century a zine (aka pamphlet) titled “Common Sense” helped spur the American Revolution. In the 20th century zines played a part in growing punk, feminist and science fiction sub-cultures. These widespread roots live on in contemporary zine-making, joined by growing interest in graphic design and artists’ book samples.

Most zines contain writing, drawings and/or collage. They can be political or ridiculous, beautiful or hideous. They can be all at once!

On June 3rd PLAY Creative will host a First Friday event featuring zines created by PLAY staff and our friends. We hope you’ll stop by, have a beer, and read a zine or two!

Here’s a sneak peak of a our zines-in-progress.