Jessica Vogel

Director of Strategic Marketing


As a strategic marketing director who is experienced in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Display, Google Paid Search, and Facebook Ads Manager, Jessica is an ambitious and versatile professional with more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. She started her first brick and mortar business in 2011 and has owned and sold 2 online businesses since that time. When she realized that her true passion was in marketing those businesses she decided to join the PLAY Creative team.

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Job Role
  • Online media strategy and management
  • Digital analytics
  • Search engine optimization
Points of Interest
  • Loves sharks (thanks to her 5 year old son)
  • Secretly loves to write short stories for children
  • Will try any food at least once (as long as it can’t kill you)
  • Helped plan the Central City, NE Heartland Veterans Memorial
  • Interviewed the last living WWII Vets in Central City, NE
  • Grew up near a small town in Eastern Washington State
  • Always sits in the front seat of an Uber
  • Makes her own laundry soap