Jess Herzog

Marketing Coordinator


Jess “J” Herzog joined PLAY Creative after spending most of her career in publishing. Through various roles, she’s become in expert in production processes, customer relations, sales and account management. A recent transplant from San Francisco, J graduated from Ithaca College in her home state of New York with a degree in English.

Job Role
  • Project Management

  • Digital Marketing Support

  • Campaign Analysis and Reporting

Points of Interest
  • Has East Coast roots, lived the West Coast lifestyle, and is now a newly minted Midwesterner

  • Fluent in sarcasm

  • Is plagued by an irrational fear of spiders

  • Is a self-proclaimed pizza aficionado

  • Is a whiz at frugally decorating and furnishing spaces

  • Loves typography and hopes to someday design a typeface

  • Lived in Chennai, India for 8 months

  • Enjoys exploring Lincoln by bike, drinking sparkling rosé, having dance parties with her kids and Nebraska skies