Good print unfolds like a good conversation. One that engages you, grabs your curiosity, isn’t long winded, listens to your desires, and closes in a saavy way, leaving you with something to hold onto. It plays with your senses, and invites you to invest your emotions in it. The piece featured below is a direct mail piece that does just that. It’s a piece we developed for Gotcha Covered. Their goal was to market to specific audiences and engage them not only to learn more about Gotcha Covered, but to respond by setting up a free consultation.


Print vs. Online: There is a reason that the web is referred to as the “information highway.” You’re there to get to a destination, making brief stops here or there. The ads that you see are much like signs along the road… You’re going 80 in a 75, are you going to remember what they look like? They are information, yes, but they are gone in an instant. Print stays with you. It travels with you in your pocket… in your purse… in your briefcase. It allows you to hold on to it for the time when you need to reference back to it.

A printed piece can take the place of a physical person. It must reach and speak to the senses. It must grab the curiosity of the recipient. It demands eye contact, it doesn’t talk too much, it listens to your desires/needs and engages you to want more. It leaves you with its number and invites you to call. 

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