Q: What would you say…you do here?
A: I think this question would better be posed as “What don’t I do here?” My title, project manager, reflects a good portion of my daily to-dos herding the team about, but I help out everywhere I can. I’ve jumped on design projects when we are short-handed to make revisions or size materials out (my schooling roots in graphic design lend well to filling that gap), plus I’m part of the creative brainstorming process. I’ve also been dabbling in the art of fortune-telling to get ahead of projects. You’ve got to be pretty well-rounded in a small company, so I do it all!

Q: Do you have a hidden talent?
A: I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a talent, but I can ask “where is the bathroom” in 8 different languages.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: All of my “hobbies” come in and out in spurts. Currently, I’ve been running a lot as I’m training for my first half marathon in May. It’s also pretty safe to say that I like doing anything that your grandma likes to do: cooking, baking, knitting, crafting, binge watching television, going to bed at 9pm, and the list goes on.

Q: Why are you so possessive of your office supplies?
A: Office supplies make my life SO much easier when it comes to my organization and management of projects. Considering I am the only one in the entire office who is fully-equipped, I’ve got to hang on tight to what I have. It’s not that I don’t like sharing, but I don’t like sharing knowing that I will never see my stapler/scissors/post-it notes/sharpie pens again!