As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, providers, pharmacies and anyone else involved in an individual’s health and wellness, continue to look for ways to streamline communication to improve outcomes and lower costs. To help, NetSmart created CareManager, a care coordination software solution.

Supporting patient-centered care, CareManager aggregates clinical data, creating an overview of health at the population level. It also facilitates care coordination across an individual’s providers, tracks clinical quality measures and outcomes and manages authorizations and claims across care providers. Furthermore, patients have the ability to access their personal records at any time, empowering them to take an active role in their health.

So where do we come in? PLAY partnered with NetSmart to develop a dynamic mailer that would educate key audiences about the CareManager product. We developed a plan for customizing the mailer to best meet the needs of those we were reaching out to. This included: stakeholders, CEOs, and program directors for health systems organizations, pharmacies, primary care practices, substance use centers, health departments, and others, at the state and national level.

The parcel mailing played off key benefits of the CareManager software: “Coordinating care” and “Focusing on individual health”. Playing off the user experience of the software, the mailer unfolded and flipped to reveal information and primary features and benefits of Care Manager. A small booklet is enclosed, offering additional details and encouraging the audience to call to learn more. The outside of the mailing served as a branding tool, while the booklet supported product information and could easily be customized and swapped out for other product information geared toward a particular audience.



Working closely with the NetSmart team, we developed a true user experience that brought the software solution to life in a paper form. Interactive, customized and designed to drive traffic to a customized landing page, the dynamic print piece helped elevate brand awareness and launch a solutions-based product for NetSmart.