We recently helped Assurity Life Insurance Company announce its 125th anniversary celebration by launching The “125 Years of AMAZING!” campaign featuring a microsite, hero cards for the Home Office and monthly mailers sent to their marketers and distributors. But there’s much more to this momentous occasion than what we featured in our last Assurity Life article. Now that the secret is out, we can share everything that the hype was about.


Throughout the next several months we’ll help Assurity Life recognize and celebrate members of its team—both in the Home Office and across their marketing and distribution channels. Each month a select few are nominated as “heroes” for Assurity Life and, if chosen, their picture is transformed into a comic book illustration. Each of the Home Office associates and distributors selected will receive a poster of themselves in their true hero form to commemorate their hard work and achievements. The Home Office winners even get their posters displayed for all to see, encouraging other associates to strive to be the next to appear.

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Each month the website, 125yearsofamazing.com, will also be updated with the latest Assurity Life heroes, including their comic illustration, hero name and a brief bio showcasing their contributions to the company, and beyond.

The first several heroes have assembled and are now on display! Check back every month to see how Assurity Life and PLAY continue to honor those who bring success to Assurity Life day after day.