All Hail the Power of Print

Digital marketing is fast and accessible. But touching a screen or keyboard cannot give you the same experience as paper. Or plastic. Or some other dimensional material. Uncoated. Linen. Perforated. When you communicate with print, you open the door to engagement. Someone examining it is far more likely to hold onto whatever was delivered to them.


Brazil’s Companhia Athletica gym used print to address declining membership and class participation. The company realized that many members were becoming frustrated by the notion of a quick-fix for a fitter physique. To re-engage its audience, the company created two calendars, featuring a male and female form. As each month was flipped, the silhouette became smaller and more fit. This print piece not only created an opportunity to engage with the audience, it also served as a reminder that long-term health and fitness comes with time and dedication. Placed in each gym location and given to its membership, Companhia Athletica used an everyday print piece (and an action versus content) to make a meaningful connection with its membership.


While the Companhia Athletica print example was a one-hit solution, interactive print materials can easily fit within a more extensive campaign. If a campaign begins with a solid strategy, print and digital tactics can live in harmony to present a consistent, brand-strengthening message. LavOnline, an online laundry service, chose print to help its audience see and feel the benefits of its services. A box mailing unfolded to reveal a t-shirt target and a squishy tomato. The audience was encouraged to throw the tomato at the shirt to experience the speed and convenience of LavOnline. They were then encouraged to go online to take further action.

Whether it’s fun and “playable” or more of a sensory exercise, print marketing has a place in helping to connect brands to their audiences. In fact, Companhia Athletica saw gym dropouts decrease by 45%. LavOnline experience similar results with 32% of recipients registering on its website, 8% tried the service and the brand’s overall online traffic grew by 15%.

As experts in creating handcrafted campaigns, we know a thing or two about integrating dynamic print materials into campaigns. And we have more than a few examples to show how we’ve helped brands elevate their presence in the minds of a particular audience. Check out a few examples of our work and then let’s talk about how we can help put your next campaign in the hands of your audience.