Aaron Petersen



I founded PLAY in 2007 with a goal to mesh fine art with marketing. Growing up I started drawing and my passion for art grew as I got older. After graduating from college with my BFA in 2001, I started building my creative and entrepreneurial toolbelt. Through my journey, I’ve met and was influenced by various super talented people, read several books, listened to a ton of audiobooks, and worked for a few great ad agencies that shaped who I am today.

My personality is “the advocate” or an INFJ. My true colors personality is Gold with a close secondary Blue. My background is rich in art since I was young drawing comics with friends in elementary school. I now enjoy collecting art, screen printed design, vector art design, and always enjoy the use of color. My art style is “more is more” and I really love patterns (always have). I like it when art evokes a reaction.

However, my core personality traits are task-oriented, planner, hardworking, relationship-driven, and slightly introverted. These qualities meshed together make me what I am today and explain the name PLAY Creative along with my passion for meshing fine art with marketing. Since 2007 PLAY has always been about Making Marketing Fun!

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Job Role
  • Creative vision

  • Strategy lead

  • Design

  • Operations

  • Media and marketing plan coordination

Points of Interest
  • Has completed 5 half marathons

  • Board game fanatic; designed and professionally printed a board game of his own called “Catch of the Day”

  • Loves screenprint poster design
  • Collects 1950s era toys (and stores most at the office)
  • Will NEVER turn down a bowl of queso and chips
  • Frequents The Oven in Lincoln for Indian food and wine
  • Served on the board of directors for LUX Center for Arts
  • Has fallen off a treadmill that he didn’t know was on