A Campaign Driven By Speed


In March, Credit Union of America approached PLAY with a tall order: help the credit union improve teamwork across departments in each location… And help them collectively sell $60 million in auto loans by September 1.

The PLAY team crafted a strategy that included communications for internal teams as well as a fully integrated external marketing plan. The strategy document involved materials to not only educate branch location staff about the challenge, it also provided tools for helping them make the sale. By engaging internal teams and creating friendly competition between branch locations, PLAY could shift gears to energizing the external audience, consisting of existing CUA members and non-members.

To support the internal staff, PLAY created a full suite of creative communications to help encourage action by CUA’s audience, including:
• Local educator handouts
• Drive-up banners
• Direct mail
• Lobby posters
• Electronic billboards
• Online advertising
• Print advertising
• ATM advertising



CUA exceeded its goal at the end of the campaign by topping $70 million in auto loans. Every branch location hit their individual goal, which demonstrates success in communication and support materials.

This campaign is an example of how PLAY listens to the goals of our clients, no matter how specific, and develops everything from strategic direction to creative execution to help them succeed. While the CUA campaign included a wide variety of media, we work with a wide range of budgets, department involvement, and goals.

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