Our Task:
Our goal was to showcase the Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy-Saving Trees (EST) program and its benefits to utility companies and municipalities. A digital campaign was built to create engagement and lead generation. A key piece of this campaign included educating the audience on how the program benefits their organization and homeowners alike. Using strong proof points, the campaign encouraged demonstrations of the program, which more easily lead to sales.

Target Audience:
The target audience centered on the Arbor Day Foundation’s top 200 prospects from across the United States. This included vegetation management and marketing department professionals from: utility companies (gas and electric), city offices, and municipalities. These are individuals with some knowledge of the Arbor Day Foundation but who might not have much awareness of the EST program.

Our Approach:
To help build consistency and recognition for the program, the campaign included a central theme: “Simple Act. Huge Impact.” A thoughtful design and clear messaging drove the audience to the website to request a demo. To enhance results, the campaign included several pieces. An email was established in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation’s vendor, CreateSend. A microsite that featured an iFrom to gather contact information and draw viewers to the parent site for additional information on the program and the Arbor Day Foundation as a whole. Finally, social media and digital advertising helped support the campaign.

Each piece drove home the message of, “The EST program can reduce your customers’ energy consumption by 20% per year.” Supporting that message, content focused on how easy the program is and how it can benefit all of those involved. Using consistent messaging and action-oriented copy, the campaign made it easy for recipients to respond.